Light 4 the Mind

Sub-theme C: Light for the Mind:Light for the Arts, Cognitive Sciences, Neuroscience, Psychology, Physiology, Well Being and Moods

The sub-theme will provide a focus for research in which light touches the human mind, ranging from work on colour perception and the human visual system, to the arts, photography, theatre and cinema, where the use of light is often central to the creative process. Here, we will forge new links between those who see light in totally different ways, challenging academics and the regional community to find new ways of working together, and to improve our understanding of the ways light affects our physiology, our moods and our feelings.

C1. Light for the Performing and Fine Arts, photography and cinematography (SoA): Light-driven atmospheres in theatre, performance, and fine art ((M.Newall, R.Misek, F.Vass)/SoA)+L.Moran/ICCI); Light and colour in art, and colour in aesthetics and philosophy ((E.Deprez, J.Friday, R.Misek, M.Newall)/SoA+L.Moran/ICCI+R.v.Jugenfel/EDA);

C2. Light for Neuroscience (SoC):Deception and state of mind ((AOG/SPS+H.Bowman/SoC + (Z.Bergstrom, M.Ponari, J.L.Wood)/SoP); Optical systems for neuronal activity ((C.Solomon, S.Gibson)/SPS+H.Bowman/SoC+ (M.Ponari, J.L.Wood/SoP)N.Kad/SoB+G.Davison/SSES)).Colour perception, seeing the unseen ((A.Podoleanu, A.Bradu)/SPS+M.Newall/SoA+ R.v.Jungenfeldi)/EDA.

C3. Light for Physiology (SSES): (H.Bowman/SoC+SoP): electrophysiological responses, which could be replaced with pupil dilation, muscular near infrared spectroscopy (NIRS) and brain oxygenation (M.Burnley, G.Davison, J.Dickinson, L.Hale, L.Mauger, S.Winter /SSES+A.Podoleanu/SPS); Muscular and cerebral near infrared scattering (NIRS) to measure acute and chronic changes in muscle and brain oxygenation during exercise, chest movement patterns in physical exercise, Optical methods to quantify  stress and strain in muscle (M.Burnley, G.Davison, J.Dickinson, L.Hale, L.Mauger, S.Winter)/SSES + G.Dobre/SPS +Y. Ushkaryov/MSoP).

C4. Light for Understanding of the creative process,through revelation of under drawings and compositional adjustments (M.Hammer/SoA+(A.Podoleanu, M.Hughes, G.Dobre)/SPS).

C5. Optical assessment of visual system to serve neurosciences in humans(AOG/SPS+H.Bowman/SoC+(J.Ang, F.Deravi, R.v.Jungenfeldi)/EDA) and in animals (G.Lall/SoP + A.Podoleanu/SPS).

C6. Light for Life coded in different meanings of terms (AOG/SPS+ L.Moran/ICCI + E.Deprez/SoA+R.v.Jungenfeldi/EDA).