Light 4 the World

Sub-theme B: Light for the World:Light for Agriculture, Anthropology, Conservation, Forensic Sciences, Heritage and Infrastructures

This sub-theme offers the potential for highly novel applications of light in areas where Kent has existing strengths, including anthropology, heritage, forensic science and architecture. The role of light science in supporting these social science and humanities disciplines is currently poorly explored, offering the potential for new interdisciplinary work which is entirely unique to Kent. It will build on initial enabling work carried out in Kent, including the use of optical imaging to study artists underdrawings and to image tattoos for forensic purposes.

B1. Light for Agriculture: Research in food science (A.Podoleanu,M.J.Marques/SPS+R.Colgan,M.Cárcamo de la Concepción/University of Greenwich).

B2. Light for Architecture (KSAP)Light in architecture and urban planning, lighting design, projection artists, plans for Light Festival KSAP+EDA+AOG/SPS; Atmosphere studies in architecture, environmental studies, leisure studies, (F.V.Rhee/SoA+G.Dobre/SPS+H.Griffin/KSAP).

B3. Light for Forensic sciences (SoAC): Illegal wildlife trade (D.Roberts/SoAC+AOG);Skeletal biology research(AOG/SPS+C.Deter/SoAC+S.Vigneron/KLS)Skin and fingerprints (A.Podoleanu, R.Green/SPS); Tattoos (A.Podoleanu, R.Green)/SPS+C.Deter/SoAC);Counterfeit detection ((W.Gee, R.Green, AOG)/SPS); Security (F.Deravi/EDA+A.Bradu/SPS); Face recognition, (C.Solomon,S.Gibson)/SPS+F.Deravi/EDA).

B4. Light for Heritage (KLS):Heritage (S.Vigneron/KLS+AOG/SP+H.Griffin/KSAP, L.Moran/ICCI), Art conservation (A.Podoleanu,M.Hughes/SPS+M.Hammer/SoA+C.Deter/SoAC);Scanning for objects of art (L.Lavan/SECL+R.v.Jungenfeld/EDA+AOG/SPS).